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    When it comes to the creative use of sculpting, etching, laser engraving, and other processes we use professionally at Sarasota Trophy & Awards, the only limits are your imagination and your budget.

    We work with customers who want to create unique keepsake items, family mementos, and gifts. We have a quarter century of contacts and experience to draw upon as we craft your unique item.

    At Sarasota Trophy & Awards, our skills repertoire includes rotary engraving, casting, and diamond engraving. We can do things with teak, walnut, laminate, granite, and a host of other materials that come together to form a spectacular and cherished personal possession.

    If you don't see your idea ... ask!



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    Combining the power of sublimation with the richness of glass creates personalized gift items that are stunning. Colors illuminate under the glass, turning an ordinary household item into a “one of a kind” product for the personalized gift market.

    Favorite vacation spots, family photos, art work, logos and clip art can be enjoyed throughout the year when an image is sublimated onto merchandise that will enhance any home or office.